Identity Management Solutions

HIWARE Identity Management for System manages all user accounts scattered across systems in an integrated fashion by interworking a client’s HR system. It also automates the account and password management process for work efficiency and for more complete security.

Identity Management for System

Linux/Unix, Windows, Network, Security Devices

Identity Manangement for DBMS


Identity Manangement for Active Directory

Main Features

Account Life-cycle Policy Management

  • Collects accounts of all systems and OS in HIWARE’s agentless technology.

  • Improves security with SSH collection mode

  • Provisioning management such as creation/ change/ deletion of accounts in batch

  • Application and management of account policies in diverse ways

  • Linkage with all systems and easy real-user synchronization

Password Policy Management

  • Automatic authority setting & password management on each user account

  • Integrated management of passwords

  • Auto-password change through scheduling

  • Diverse creation rule setting and periodic password change

  • Notifying the administrator of password change

  • Change password before expiration

Integrated Account Policy Management

  • Integrated management after collection of accounts scattered across heterogeneous devices

  • Management policy planning and customized management by account attribute

  • Authorization with grant type for protocol, period, auto/semi-auto login

  • Auto deletion of conventional authorities and mapping of the basic authority data of HR system such as reshuffle the personnel

Detection of Retiree/ Inactive/ Illegal Accounts

  • Regular check on the validity of user account

  • Auto detection of threatening from ghost/ broken, inactive and locked accounts

  • Detection of accounts with an expired ID/Password and auto-locking

  • Auto locking and deletion of unnecessary accounts

  • The locked account can be released after getting a permit from the administrator

Expectation Effects





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