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Smart MA, a monthly computer maintenance service, bases price only at 3,000 baht

Smart MA

Do you know what Preventive Maintenance (PM) is?

Preventive Maintenance PM is the maintenance or equipment maintenance for being available to use and slow down the deterioration of the equipment.


Why should we PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE (PM) computers and peripherals in the organization?

1. To keep computers and peripherals in good and available conditions.

2. To repair defective computers and peripherals back in good and available condition.

3. To increase confidence in using of computers and devices.

4. To reduce maintenance cost which often expensive.

5. To reduce the frequency of the defective devices.

  • Setting up all computer and device histories which are under the service contract.

  • Program installation for remoting on-site computer, server, PC, notebook

  • Monitoring support for investigation the availability status of network.

  • Calling, E-mail, and Chatting support via cellphone in order to advise and guide on computer usage.

  • Remoting Support, remote access to desktop controlling through program, for troubleshooting problems at 8:00 a.m.- 18:00 p.m. every Monday to Friday.

  • On-site Maintenance in order to maintain system monthly in working hours

  • Checking Network all wired / wireless devices for available status.

  • Virus checking and spyware protection for updating version, preventing, and removing computer viruses.

  • Performance checking and computer, Server, PC, Notebook cleaning

  • Backing up and managing data to maintain information in server regularly.

  • Software checking for troubleshooting MS Windows XP, 7, 8 Problems

  • Software checking in order to troubleshoot the problems of MS Office, Internet, Web mail, Outlook, PDF Reader usage (not including specific programs such as accounting, designing)

  • Emergency maintenance offers on-site support staff to service for emergency case in accordance of agreement terms.

  • IT Consulting is about to provide and give advice on how to solve problems causing by computer system and devices usage.

  • Maintenance Report for summary of monthly service.


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