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Privileged Session Management for System

HIWARE Privileged Session Management for System enables the complete management and supervision of users by controlling all accesses to and operations of the IT infrastructure operating system such as network and server, monitoring work details in realtime, and saving log records.

Privileged Session Management for System

  • Blocks unauthenticated IP/MAC address

  • Support OTP authentication at solution login or individual system access

  • Diverse authentication-linked APIs

  • Diverse authentication combinations support(RSA OTP, Accredited Certificate, LDAP, etc.)

Access control

  • Manages each user according to the policy

  • Centralized access authority allocation and management (access IP, access MAC, access time, 2-factor authentication)

  • Diverse protocols support(Telent, SSH, FTP, SFTP, rlogin, Windows Terminal Service, etc.)

  • Unifies all remote accesses

Session control

  • Command authority setting and control under diverse conditions such as group/ device

  • Banned keywords(white-list/ black-list)

  • Bans Telnet command and restricts leapfrog in case of a CLI-based server

  • Warns and blocks the session as soon as a banned keyword is entered

Command control

  • Saves log records on all work details from login to logout

  • Searches the log records which have been stored by user/ system/ command through a inquiry filter

  • Inquires logs in text/ video format

  • Speed control and split screen replay at save log replay time

Log audit

Solution Architecture Workflow

Solution Configuration

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Identity Management

for system

Full and complete ‘integration’ and ‘managing automation’ are needed for easier and more powerful security.

HIWARE Identity Management for System manages all user accounts scattered across systems in an integrated fashion by interworking a client’s HR system. It also automates the account and password management process for work efficiency and for more complete security.

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Account Life-cycle


Password Management

Account Policy management

Unauthorized Account Detection


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